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Our History
In December, 1938. Mrs. Susan Wilt visited Lew Shaw, Sr. of Altoona to ask about holding services in the church building known then as the Dry Run Community Church, located on Dry Run Road. Lew Shaw had a Gospel Team that would go various places holding services. The building was in need of much repair. No services were held there for some time. The shaws agreed to hold services on the first sunday of January, 1939, with seven people and $.27 offering. The church became Dry Run Gospel Tabernacle.
   In the beginning, services were held every Sunday afternoon. Eventually, Sunday School was held in the morning and evangelistic services in the evening. The original building became too small to hold the growing crowds, and it became necessary to add another section to the church. The Lord continued to bless as people continued come to the services, and souls were being saved. It became evident that a new building was in great need. In March, 1960, they were able to break ground for the new building. Our present building is located on this same site. the building was completed and dedicated in 1962. Pastor Lew Shaw pastored the church for 28 years from its conception. Pastor Shaw went home to be with the Lord in 1967.
   In On, November 19, 1967, Pastor Daniel Hummel was called to pastor the church. In 1968 the mortgage on the church was paid, and a mortgage burning ceremony was held. The church continued to grow, and it became evident that a larger building would be required. In 1973 the congregation began to build its new addition which would be an auditorium seating 1200 people. Pastor Hummel resigned as pastor in January, 1975, to go into evangelism.
   In February, 1975, Pastor Bruce Weil was called to pastor the church. On March 19, 1978, fire broke out in the main section of the building, and burned it to the ground so construction on the new auditorium was stepped up. On September 3. 1978 the auditorium was complete but construction continued on the Sunday School addition. In September 1979 this addition was complete and the first Sunday of October we began to use this portion of the building.
  In January, 1985, John Leatherman started as Pastor of our church, and continues to preach Gods word and lead our congregation. Our passion is to reach souls for Christ in our area and all over the world with our Missions program.
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